Does 7 11 Sell Pregnancy Tests | Do 7/11 Have Pregnancy Tests

Summary: Pregnancy tests are an essential tool for women who suspect that they may be pregnant. 7 Eleven is a popular chain of convenience stores, and many people wonder whether they sell pregnancy tests. In this article, we will explore whether 7 Eleven sells pregnancy tests and what brands they may carry.

1. Pregnancy Tests at 7 Eleven

Many people may find themselves wondering if they can pick up a pregnancy test on the go while running errands at 7 Eleven. The answer is YES! 7 Eleven does sell pregnancy tests. They have become increasingly popular as a stop for picking up basic health and wellness items.

So next time you need a pregnancy test you can save yourself a trip to the pharmacy and just head to your local 7 Eleven.

The availability of pregnancy tests at various convenience stores, including 7 Eleven, has been a significant help for women who may not have time or be able to access a pharmacy or a doctor’s office during traditional business hours. Additionally, many individuals may feel more comfortable purchasing a pregnancy test from a location that is not typically associated with traditional medical services.

2. The Brands Offered at 7 Eleven

While 7 Eleven does sell pregnancy tests, they may not carry all the brands that are typically found in a pharmacy or a grocery store. The specific brands offered at each 7 Eleven location may vary. However, they do commonly carry the Accu-Clear brand which is known for being accurate and easy to use.

Accu-Clear detects the presence of the human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) hormone, which is produced by the placenta after a fertilized egg has implanted in the uterus. If there is hCG present in the woman’s urine, it will bind to a special substance on the test, called an antibody, and produce a positive result.

However, if a woman takes a pregnancy test too early, there won’t be enough hCG hormone in her urine to detect a positive pregnancy. In such cases, retesting with another kit after a week is recommended.

3. Cost of Pregnancy Tests at 7 Eleven

The cost of purchasing a pregnancy test at 7 Eleven may vary depending on the location and brand of test you purchase. However, you can expect to pay somewhere between $8-$14 for a pregnancy test at 7 Eleven. While this may be slightly more expensive than a drugstore or grocery store, many people find the convenience of buying a pregnancy test while out running errands at 7 Eleven well worth the small difference in price.

Furthermore, it may not cost as much as you might think to pick up a pregnancy test from 7 Eleven. Although some pharmacies may offer lower prices for pregnancy tests, especially generic or off-brand options, many other stores charge more than 7 Eleven for the exact same brands.

It is important to keep in mind that while purchasing a pregnancy test is a worthwhile expense, there are other factors to consider, such as prenatal care, which may come with significant expenses. It is equally important to plan for these costs and not let high pregnancy test prices discourage you from seeking medical treatment throughout all stages of pregnancy.

4. Convenience of Purchasing Pregnancy Tests

The convenience of purchasing a pregnancy test at 7 Eleven cannot be overstated. Many stores are open 24/7, and you can pick up a pregnancy test along with other necessities without leaving your car.
Additionally, if you are short on privacy, grabbing a pregnancy test at 7 Eleven can be a lifesaver. Many women prefer to keep their pregnancy testing to themselves, and buying a pregnancy test from a location outside a traditional pharmacy or medical office can provide the privacy and discretion they require.

Another reason why people find it convenient to purchase from 7 Eleven is that they can avoid the stigma that comes with getting a pregnancy test in a store that is primarily known for selling medical products. Some people may feel embarrassed or judged when purchasing a pregnancy test, especially if they are not trying to conceives, and buying a pregnancy test from 7 Eleven can abandon this stress.

5. The Accuracy of Pregnancy Tests

Pregnancy tests sold at 7 Eleven are often as reliable as the ones you would find at a pharmacy. When compared to laboratory tests, home pregnancy test kits are impressive. On average, these tests are more than 97% accurate when used correctly.

One thing to keep in mind, though, is that it’s essential to use the test correctly to achieve a precise result. This means that you must read and follow the instructions carefully, take the test at the right time, and make sure you don’t have any interfering substances in your urine, such as drugs or alcohol.

In conclusion, purchasing a pregnancy test from 7 Eleven can be an extremely convenient option for many individuals. It can provide privacy and discretion, particularly for women who do not wish to purchase one from a pharmacy or medical office. By knowing what brands they carry, the approximate cost of pregnancy tests, and how to use them correctly, individuals can save time and money on their health and wellness needs.


In conclusion, if you are looking for a quick and convenient way to purchase a pregnancy test, consider stopping by your local 7 Eleven. The store sells a range of reputable, easy-to-use pregnancy tests that can provide you with accurate results. Though prices may vary by location and brand, many people find that the extra cost is well worth the time and effort saved by avoiding a trip to the pharmacy or doctor’s office. If you are in doubt or have any concerns about your pregnancy, it is always best to seek medical advice from trained professionals.

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