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Summary: Pregnant Chicken is an excellent resource for expecting mothers, providing them with a wealth of information on pregnancy and parenting. The site features a wide range of topics, including health and wellness, infertility and IVF, pregnancy loss, and much more. Pregnant Chicken publishes all articles in a lighthearted and humorous tone that keeps readers engaged and entertained, making it an ideal source of information for those looking to enhance their knowledge during this exciting time.

1. Preparing For A Baby

The lead-up to the arrival of a newborn can be nerve-racking for many first-time parents. Pregnant Chicken provides detailed guidance in this regard, as well as tips for stocking up on baby essentials such as diapers, bottles, and swaddles. The site also offers advice on nursery décor, sleep solutions, and packing a hospital bag. Being prepared is an important aspect of easing anxiety during pregnancy, and Pregnant Chicken helps soon-to-be parents stay organized and ready.

It’s never too early to start preparing, and Pregnant Chicken has resources for all stages of pregnancy, including pre-conception advice, tips for surviving the first trimester, and information on pregnancy milestones. With its focus on humor, the site makes even the most mundane tasks of preparation enjoyable and entertaining, helping alleviate some of the stress associated with becoming a new parent.

Pregnant Chicken also provides insights into the financial aspects of preparing for a baby, such as budgeting for daycare, choosing a family insurance plan, and handling pregnancy-related expenses. Exploring these practical issues is a must-do for first-time parents, and Pregnant Chicken has it all covered.

2. Pregnancy Health & Wellness

Expecting mothers face many health issues during pregnancy, from morning sickness and fatigue to gestational diabetes and preeclampsia. Pregnant Chicken provides a comprehensive guide to help moms-to-be navigate these issues. The site offers advice on nutrition, exercise, and managing stress during pregnancy, all of which contribute to a healthy and enjoyable pregnancy.

Health is often the main priority during pregnancy, and Pregnant Chicken’s team of experts provides readers with valuable information. Whether an expecting mother is struggling with common pregnancy ailments such as heartburn or searches for guidance on more complex health issues, Pregnant Chicken tackles all topics with humor while still providing scientifically accurate advice.

Pregnant Chicken also covers the more challenging issues that pregnant women may encounter, including mental health and preparing for labor and delivery. Knowing the potential roadblocks and challenges beforehand can reduce anxiety and help expectant mothers make informed decisions about their pregnancy journey.

3. Infertility and IVF

For couples struggling with infertility, becoming pregnant can feel like an insurmountable challenge. Pregnant Chicken recognizes how difficult this journey can be and offers sensitive yet optimistic advice to those facing the issue. The site understands and acknowledges the struggles of assisted conception, from initial fertility testing to the process of IVF.

Pregnant Chicken provides resources for dealing with loss and advice on when to consider seeking professional help. Accessing a robust community of other users and writers helps people realize they’re not alone. Many contributors share personal stories of their own journey to help others dealing with infertility, making Pregnant Chicken a source of empathy and information on this sensitive topic.

The site includes articles on how to talk about infertility and may even suggest humorous ways to grace difficult situations. These could include options for baby showers or suggestions on creative, non-offensive ways to discuss pregnancy topics once readers become pregnant.

4. Pregnancy Loss

One of the most difficult aspects of pregnancy is dealing with loss. Pregnant Chicken provides thoughtful and uplifting resources to help women navigate this devastating journey. The site tackles all conditions that can result in loss, from miscarriage to stillbirth to neonatal death.

Pregnant Chicken helps quell guilt and provides empowering advice on coming to terms with grief. The site offers compassionate guidance on how to deal with family members and friends after a loss and what to expect in the aftermath of a difficult situation. These articles provide readers with tools for learning how to rebuild their lives after pregnancy loss.

There are also accounts by contributors who have gone through their journey of pregnancy loss. Reading their stories, for many, can be cathartic as these tales offer solace and comfort for women feeling like they are alone or misunderstood in their situations.

5. Parenting Skills

For first-time parents, the idea of parenting can be overwhelming. Pregnant Chicken provides practical tips and advice for parents navigating parenthood. From learning how to change diapers to coping with sleep regressions and tantrums, the site offers a wealth of information to help ease anxiety and help parents gain confidence in their abilities.

Parenting extends beyond handling a newborn; Pregnant Chicken has content on topics such as babyproofing, toddler behavior, and crafting activities to help toddlers and older children set up for success. Parents will appreciate shifting into new phases of child development, from potty training to basic education skills. The site fosters a community that shares true-to-life experiences and pieces of advice with one another, helping readers feel supported and capable when embarking on the journey of parenting.

Pregnant Chicken is an excellent resource for parents seeking practical advice and tips that aren’t patronizing and help make parenting more fun than worrisome. Advice shared on the site is humorous, relatable, and empathetic, offering a source of comfort to parents navigating the unknown path of parenthood.


Pregnancy and parenting come along with many exciting opportunities and challenges. Pregnant Chicken provides a perfect one-stop-shop for parents seeking practical advice, emotional support, and humor throughout their journey. Whether readers are expecting their first child or going through another pregnancy, the resources they need are easily located on this excellent platform. With its focus on humor and empathetic voices, Pregnant Chicken helps women feel more confident in their pregnancy or parenting journeys, making it a key resource in the parenting community.

So as a supportive and whimsical online community dedicated to pregnancy and parenting, Pregnant Chicken will provide an experience like no other.

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