What Rhymes With Period _ Words That Rhyme With Periodic Table

Summary: “Period” is a word that can be challenging to rhyme with due to its unique pronunciation and limited sound options. However, there are still various words that can be paired with it in poetry or songwriting. This article will explore several potential rhymes and offer tips for creating your own creative rhymes for the word “period.”

1. Rhyming with “-id”

One of the most common approaches to rhyming with “period” is to utilize words that have the same ending as the word “-id.” These words include “hid,” “bid,” “rid,” “did,” and “grid.” While these may not be the most exciting rhymes, they offer a simple and predictable way to add flow to a piece of writing. For example:

“I waited all day, my heart feeling quite morbid,

But the doctor came in and prescribed me what I did bid.”

“On the open road I take my ride,

My thoughts racing like a car along the grid.”

Another approach to this type of rhyme is to employ an imperfect rhyme, where the vowel sound at the end of the word differs slightly. For example:

“The night is dark and quiet,

I hear nothing but the cricket’s bid.”

2. Using ‘-herd’

Another option is to look for words that end with “-herd.” These words are less commonly utilized but can still create a fun and quirky rhyme. Examples of “-herd” words include “sheard,” “nerved,” “overheard,” and “misheard.” For instance:

“I listened close but what I heard was absurd,

Instead of ‘date night’ she said, ‘dinner with a nerd.”

“I felt nervous and unsure what to do,

The words they speak often misheard and misconstrued.”

3. Words ending with ‘-tured’

Another option is to try rhyming with words that end in “-tured.” These can be uncommon but may lead to unique and memorable verses. Examples include “featured,” “texture,” and “ligature.” For example:

“The sky above me a stunning texture,

Colors changing as it was featured in a lecture.

“I felt tied up, bound like a ligature,

Not realizing that love’s power was the only cure.”

4. Using “-urred”

“Urr” is another sound that can work well as a rhyme for “period.” Words like “preferred,” “refer,” “conferred,” and “occurred” all have the same ending sound. Though these words still carry a sense of familiarity, there is potential for an interesting rhyme scheme. Examples include:

“I sit in silence, my pen at rest,”

Waiting for inspiration, but it hasn’t occurred just yet.”

“She waited by the door, feeling quite deterred,

Wondering if her presence would be preferred.”

5. Playing with Consonants

Rhyming isn’t limited to matching vowel sounds – sometimes playing with consonants can lead to a fun line. You can choose words that begin or end with the same consonant, which creates alliteration and automatically adds some musicality to a phrase. For example:

“The years go by and we grow hoary,

But our love still burns, a beautiful story.”

“The storms outside are truly fearsome,

But we find safety inside our warm and cozy hearthstone.”


In sum, while rhyming with “period” may be somewhat limiting, there are still plenty of options to explore. Utilizing “-id,” “-herd,” “-tured,” “-urred,” or playing with consonants can all lead to creative and memorable rhymes in poetry or songwriting. So next time you’re in need of a rhyme for “period,” don’t be deterred – instead, try some of these techniques to inspire your own unique lyrics.

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