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Summary: Periods are a completely normal biological process experienced by people who menstruate. However, traditional methods of managing periods can be expensive, uncomfortable, and environmentally damaging. Black-owned period underwear companies are changing the game when it comes to period management. Not only are these companies providing an affordable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional period products, but they’re also addressing the lack of representation in the menstrual product industry. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider supporting black-owned period underwear companies.

1. Environmentally friendly options

Disposable pads and tampons often end up in landfills and take decades to decompose. Black-owned period underwear companies are providing an eco-friendly alternative with their reusable period panties. By using their products, customers are able to reduce waste and help protect the environment while also saving money in the long run. The reusable nature of these products makes them an excellent investment for people who menstruate repeatedly over time.

Moreover, many of these companies use sustainable manufacturing practices and materials that have a lesser environmental impact. This helps contribute to the larger fight against climate change and pollution.

By buying from black-owned period underwear companies, you are partnering in the fight against environmental degradation and adopting sustainable lifestyle practices.

2. Supporting underrepresented entrepreneurs

Black women and other historically marginalized groups have been severely underrepresented in the entrepreneurial world for far too long. Supporting a black-owned period underwear company is a great way to uplift these groups and help them achieve greater representation within various sectors. These companies create desired goods and generate employment opportunities, which provides support for the economy as a whole. By patronizing black-owned period underwear businesses, users can be part of a movement for representation, inclusivity, and equality.

In addition, supporting black-owned period underwear companies helps reduce the wealth and income gaps that have traditionally affected marginalized communities, particularly women of color. It’s important for consumers to use their purchasing power deliberately when driving social change and by supporting black-owned period underwear brands, customers can make a difference in the lives of other women from underrepresented groups.

By choosing to buy from these innovators, users can empower underrepresented communities while also giving themselves a product that better aligns with their values.

3. Affordable products:

Not everyone can afford expensive period products like pads, tampons, or other menstrual alternatives. One of the benefits of investing in black-owned period underwear is affordability. Period underwear might appear costly at first glance, but customers will save money in the long run because these panties are reusable, Washable, and durable.

Moreover, black-owned period underwear companies often offer fair pricing on their products, and provide discounts from time to time to help make affording menstruation products less stressful. When customers invest in reusable period underwear, they save money over time and also are part of the movement to break down financial barriers concerning periods.

There’s no need to break the bank every time there’s a period cycle. By choosing black-owned period underwear firms, not only will customers be helping uplift underrepresented entrepreneurs, but also saving money on products that have a low environmental impact.

4. Size and style inclusivity

There is a wide range of body sizes and shapes among people who get their periods. Traditional period products don’t always cater to such diversity in terms of fit and style. Fortunately, black-owned period underwear companies provide variety in sizes, colors, and styles to meet consumers’ specific needs.

Black-owned period underwear businesses understand how vital it is to meet the various demands of menstruation status in different stages of people’s lives. They have inclusive sizing for different body shapes and types, ensuring that every person feels comfortable and confident wearing these products.

Inclusivity in style and size representation encourages positive body image ideals, which is essential for the user’s self-esteem. By buying from black-owned period underwear companies, customers gain access to products that provide comfort, style and ideal fit on a range of body shapes and sizes.

5. Promoting open conversations about periods

Black-owned period products companies are shifting mindsets about menstruation through their innovative marketing and educational initiatives. Many of these businesses strive to promote education and change attitudes surrounding periods. They openly discuss the misconceptions around periods and the embarrassment that accompanies it, in turn promoting a better understanding of menstruation among various groups, including young people.

Beyond acknowledging the existence of periods, black-owned period panty brands are using visual campaigns highlighting people of colors and varying body shapes wearing their products to demonstrate that periods are a normal aspect of human life. They’re making periods more accessible and mobile while providing reusable options to an underserved community of color and environmentally-conscious wearers.

By supporting black-owned period underwear firms, consumers can help drive the movement for better period support and inclusive conversations about menstruation.


Black-owned period underwear brands have something unique to offer consumers seeking eco-friendly, sustainable, affordable solutions to period management. Their inspirational stories emphasize entrepreneurship, true inclusion, diversity, and affordability. The innovation of these firms shifts mindsets about menstruation, promoting more open conversations, more equality, and more positive attitudes about bodies. Supporting black-owned period underwear companies not only helps empower underrepresented communities but also provides practical benefits such as saving money on expensive disposable period products. Purchasing from these firms lets customers be part of the movement for better access to sustainable, reusable period products that meet diverse body shapes, sizes, and styles and ensure eco-friendliness toward the planet’s resources.

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