Can Men Get Tested For Hpv

Summary: HPV, or Human papillomavirus, is a common sexually transmitted infection that can affect both men and women. While often associated with cervical cancer in women, it also poses significant health risks to men. Many people assume that only women have to worry about getting tested for HPV, but the truth is that men can and should get tested as well. In this article, we will explore the importance of HPV testing for men, the different types of tests available, and how to reduce your risk of contracting HPV in the first place.

1. The Importance of HPV Testing for Men

One of the biggest misconceptions about HPV is that it doesn’t affect men as much as it does women. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. HPV can cause a variety of health issues in men, including genital warts, penile cancer, anal cancer, and throat cancer. Unfortunately, many men don’t even realize they have HPV because there are often no visible symptoms.

The good news is that HPV testing is available for men. By getting tested, you can find out if you have HPV and take the necessary steps to treat it and reduce your risk of spreading it to others. Testing is especially important for men who engage in anal sex, as this increases their risk of developing anal cancer if they have HPV.

2. Types of HPV Tests for Men

There are two main types of HPV tests for men: the swab test and the blood test. The swab test involves taking a sample from the area where HPV is most likely to be found, such as the anus or penis. This sample is then sent to a lab where it can be analyzed for the presence of HPV.

The blood test, on the other hand, looks for antibodies to HPV in your blood. This can be a useful test if you have already had HPV and want to know if you are now immune to it. However, it is not as effective at detecting current HPV infections as the swab test.

3. Reducing Your Risk of Contracting HPV

The best way to reduce your risk of contracting HPV is to practice safe sex. This means using a condom every time you have sex, even if you are in a committed relationship. You should also limit your number of sexual partners and avoid having sex with someone who has visible genital warts or other signs of HPV.

If you are in a relationship with someone who has HPV, it’s important to remember that you can still get HPV even if you always use condoms. However, the risk is lower if you use them consistently and correctly.


It’s important for men to understand that they can get tested for HPV and that it’s just as important for their health as it is for women’s. HPV can cause serious health issues in men, including genital warts and various types of cancer. By getting tested and practicing safe sex, men can reduce their risk of contracting HPV and protect their health.

Remember, testing for HPV is a simple and painless process that could make a big difference in your health and well-being. If you haven’t been tested for HPV yet, talk to your healthcare provider about getting tested today.

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