Can You Snorkel On Your Period — Can You Snorkel If You Have Your Period

Summary: Can You Snorkel on Your Period?

1. The Basics of Snorkeling

Snorkeling is an activity where an individual can explore underwater without scuba equipment. It requires only a simple mask, snorkel, and fins. With this equipment, individuals can observe marine life and reefs without having to hold their breath or struggle for air.

While it is an enjoyable and popular activity, there are factors that can impact the enjoyment of this activity. One factor that many women may ask is if it is safe to snorkel while on their period.

The short answer is yes, snorkeling is safe whilst menstruating. Most women do not need to let their periods stop them from enjoying the ocean. But there are some things to consider before going into the water to ensure comfortable and hygienic experience.

2. Menstrual Hygiene Products

Safety and hygiene during menstruation are crucial for women. Depending on individual preferences, both tampons and pads can be worn while snorkeling. Tampons are a good option as they do not absorb water, making them safe from leaks. Pads can also be used while snorkeling if changing frequently.

Menstrual cups are also an option for women snorkeling while on their period. They can be worn for several hours, making it possible to enjoy snorkeling activities. It is a safer option as it has less chance of causing any vaginal infections.

It is important for women to pack their menstrual hygiene products when embarking on a snorkeling trip. Also, when choosing a swimsuit, opt for something that offers good coverage. Consider wearing dark-colored swimsuits during menstruation to hide any potential leaks.

3. Sharks and Menstruation

One concern that women may have is the myth of sharks being drawn towards menstrual blood. While this myth has been perpetuated by popular culture, it has no factual basis. Sharks have an incredible sense of smell and are more likely to be attracted to other ocean life than menstruating women. According to research, there has not been a single reliable report of a shark attacking a woman because of her period.

It is important for individuals never to jump into the water if they see any signs of sharks or other marine life that might cause harm. It is always advisable to snorkel in areas where it is safe and recommended by authorities.

Moreover, many snorkeling tour operators provide safety equipment such as wetsuits, which offer additional protection and disguise body shape.

4. Dealing with Cramps and Discomfort

Many women experience menstrual cramps and discomfort during their periods. It is always recommended that women listen to their bodies and decide whether they would like to participate in snorkeling activities or not.

If cramps or discomfort set in while in the water, the best thing to do is to take a break and rest till one feels better. It is recommended that women seek medical advice before embarking on snorkeling trips during the menstrual cycle.

Snorkeling is a leisurely activity, and thus women should be able to stop and rest as needed, thereby increasing the comfort during this period.

5. Possible Risks Involved

While snorkeling during menstruation is safe for most, there are potential risks involved. Vaginal infections are one potential risk of snorkeling during menstruation. The saltwater and wet environment can reduce the acidic pH level in the vagina, increasing the chances of a vaginal infection. However, wearing a tampon or menstrual cup can help avoid this.

Another risk is possible tampon loss while swimming in rough water or while doing backward flips off boats without holding the nose. Facial expressions can impact increased water pressure within the vaginal cavity, forcing trapped air through the tampon strings.

Lastly, a prolonged stay in the water can lead to dehydration and exhaustion, increasing the chances of cramps and discomfort. It is advisable to stay hydrated before entering the water. Stay in the water for reasonable amounts of time.


The decision to snorkel during the menstrual cycle depends on individual comfort levels. While most women can enjoy snorkeling without any issues, it is important to consider menstrual hygiene products, practical safety measures, and the possibility of cramps or discomfort. Women should listen to their bodies and decide what’s best for them.

As long as women ensure personal safety measures, wearing appropriately protective swimwear, and basic rules of snorkeling, there is no need to let menstruation deprive them of the joy of exploring the underwater world.

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