Does 7 Eleven Sell Pregnancy Tests – Do 7/11 Have Pregnancy Tests

Summary: 7 Eleven is a convenience store chain that operates globally and carries a variety of products including pregnancy tests. However, the availability of pregnancy tests in 7 Eleven stores may vary depending on the location and the country’s regulations.

1. Availability of Pregnancy Tests in 7 Eleven Stores

7 Eleven stores carry a selection of over-the-counter medications, including pregnancy tests. Most locations across the United States have pregnancy tests available for purchase in-store. Typically, these tests can be found in the feminine care aisle next to other feminine products such as tampons and pads. Additionally, some 7 Eleven stores may also offer pregnancy tests behind the counter near the pharmacy section of the store.

7 Eleven stores around the world may also carry pregnancy tests, but availability varies based on the individual country’s regulations. In countries such as Japan and Taiwan, most 7 Eleven stores carry pregnancy tests regardless of the time of day. In other countries, such as Saudi Arabia, it may be illegal to sell pregnancy tests in stores altogether.

If you are unsure whether your local 7 Eleven store carries pregnancy tests, it may be best to call the store ahead of time to check availability before making a trip to the store.

2. Types of Pregnancy Tests Available at 7 Eleven

7 Eleven typically carries two types of pregnancy tests: urine-based tests and blood-based tests. Urine-based tests are the most common type of pregnancy test and can detect pregnancy hormones in urine. Many brands of urine-based pregnancy tests are available for purchase at 7 Eleven, including First Response, Clearblue, EPT, and more. Blood-based pregnancy tests require a blood sample and can be done at a doctor’s office or lab.

Some 7 Eleven stores may also carry digital pregnancy tests, which provide a digital readout of the pregnancy test result instead of a traditional line or plus sign. These tests may cost more than traditional pregnancy tests.

While 7 Eleven carries a variety of pregnancy tests, it’s important to note that not all pregnancy tests are created equal. Some tests may be more sensitive than others, meaning they can detect pregnancy hormones in urine earlier than other tests. It’s essential to read and follow the instructions on the pregnancy test package closely to ensure a proper test result.

3. Cost of Pregnancy Tests at 7 Eleven

The cost of a pregnancy test at 7 Eleven may vary depending on the location and brand. Generally, pregnancy tests found at 7 Eleven stores range from $5 to $25. Digital pregnancy tests may cost more than traditional tests. Prices may also fluctuate depending on promotions or sales offered by individual 7 Eleven stores.

Those who cannot afford the cost of a pregnancy test at 7 Eleven may consider visiting a community health clinic that offers free or reduced-cost pregnancy testing. These clinics often offer confidential and supportive services to those in need.

It’s important to remember that the cost of a pregnancy test should not deter someone from seeking medical care if needed. If you think you may be pregnant and have concerns or questions, it’s best to talk to your doctor or healthcare provider for guidance.

4. Alternative Options for Purchasing Pregnancy Tests

While 7 Eleven stores may carry pregnancy tests, they are not the only option for purchasing one. Pregnancy tests can be found at most drugstores, grocery stores, and online retailers such as Amazon.

Another option for obtaining a free pregnancy test is through pregnancy crisis centers or Planned Parenthood facilities. These organizations often offer free and confidential pregnancy testing along with resources and support for expecting parents.

If obtaining a pregnancy test outside of a store is not an option, there are also natural at-home pregnancy test options such as using dandelion leaves or pine sol. However, the accuracy of these tests may be questionable, and it is always best to confirm results with a proper medical provider.


7 Eleven stores typically carry a variety of pregnancy tests, including urine-based, blood-based, and digital tests. While availability may vary based on location and country regulations, most stores across the United States offer pregnancy tests for purchase. It’s important to read and follow the instructions on the pregnancy test package closely to ensure a proper test result and to seek medical care if needed. For those who cannot afford the cost of a pregnancy test, community health clinics may offer free or reduced-cost testing options. Ultimately, pregnancy testing options exist for anyone in need, and it’s essential to find a method that works best for you.

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