Does Walmart Have A Probation Period — How Long Is Walmart Probation Period

Summary: If you are considering working with Walmart, it is essential to know if they have any probation period. A probation period is a trial period in which an employee’s performance is assessed before being hired permanently. This article will address whether Walmart has a probation period or not and what it entails if it exists.

1. What is a Probationary Period?

A probationary period is an introductory period which an employer puts employees under before deciding if they should hire them on a permanent basis. It is usually set after an employee is offered employment and accepts the job offer. The duration of the probationary period varies from company to company. Some companies may have only one week, while others may have up to six months or more.

The probationary period helps employers determine if the staff member is a good fit for the company. It is also an ideal duration for employers to gauge an employee’s performance level, work ethic, attitude, and commitment.

However, not all companies go for this process when hiring new employees. That brings us to the question of whether Walmart has a probationary period or not.

2. Does Walmart have a Probation Period?

Yes, Walmart has a probationary period for new hires, and it typically lasts 90 days. During this period, associates’ roles and responsibilities will be closely monitored to decide if Walmart will make a permanent job offer to them. In some cases, the probation period may be shorter or longer, depending on the circumstances. During this time, associates need to prove themselves and meet Walmart’s standards on attendance, work quality, and customer service.

Like any other employee, if an associate fails to meet Walmart’s expectations during the probationary period, they may not be hired on a permanent basis. In that case, the associate will have to look for another job.

The probation period is designed to give Walmart a chance to assess whether an associate meets their standards before making a permanent job offer. If an associate successfully navigates the 90-day probationary period, they receive many benefits available to full-time employees. The company structure gives opportunities for growth and progression within Walmart.

3. What Happens During The Probationary Period?

During the probationary period, the associate and management will have regular check-ins. These meetings are designed to review how the associate is performing in their role. It is also an opportunity for an associate to discuss any questions they may have about their duties or responsibilities.

Additionally, the managers will observe the new hires’ performance in different situations to determine their strengths and weaknesses. Some of the things managers consider include attendance, overall performance of the staff, team communication skills, adaptability and problem-solving, all relating to the associate’s specific position.

If the performance of the associate meets Walmart’s requirements, the associate’s status changes after the 90-day probationary period, from a temporary or part-time employee to a permanent or full-time associate. They will also receive a Walmart uniform, pay raise, and other benefits according to the terms of their employment agreement.

4. How Can You Excel At Walmart During the Probationary Period?

Supposing that you have succeeded with Walmart during the hiring process, here are some tips that can help you excel during your probationary period:

  • Show up on time and every shift.
  • Always present yourself professionally, wear the provided uniform as instructed.
  • Follow instructions given by management, ask clarifying questions if confused.
  • Be aware of the store’s performance indicators and strive to meet your goals.
  • Be aware of customers’ expectations of Walmart. Make sure that each experience is pleasant with excellence in customer service.
  • Be mindful of safety policies and procedures, ensuring your safety and that of fellow associates as well as customers.


In conclusion, Walmart has a probation period which is 90 days long for new hires. It is designed to help the company assess if an associate meets the expectations of the job role and the company’s culture. The probation period also presents an excellent opportunity for associates to learn more about their roles, understand company expectations, and also adjust to Walmart’s culture. It is crucial to always perform at your best, ask for feedback, and take the advice given by management. That will help you attain job stability and climb the ladder of Walmart as it’s quite possible in this diversified company structure.

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