Infrared Sauna During Period _ Sauna During Menstrual Cycle

Summary: Infrared sauna or dry sauna is popular for its health benefits. However, a common question among women is whether they can use the sauna during their period. In this article, we will explore the effects of infrared sauna during periods, and provide guidance for women who want to use it during menstruation.

1. Menstrual cycle and sweat glands

The menstrual cycle is a natural process that involves hormonal fluctuations and changes in several bodily functions. One of these functions is sweating. Women tend to sweat more during the premenstrual and menstrual phases of their cycle. This increase in sweat production is due to the higher levels of estrogen and progesterone, which affect the sweat glands.

During menstruation, the body also eliminates excess fluids and toxins through sweat. This may explain why some women feel more comfortable using an infrared sauna during their period, as it promotes sweating and detoxification.

However, it is important to note that the sweat produced during menstruation may contain traces of blood, which can be uncomfortable or embarrassing for some women. Therefore, it is advisable to use a towel or pad to absorb any discharge.

2. Benefits and risks of infrared sauna during periods

Infrared sauna is known for its numerous health benefits, including pain relief, relaxation, and detoxification. These benefits can be particularly helpful during menstruation, as they can alleviate some of the discomfort and cramping associated with the menstrual cycle.

Moreover, some experts suggest that using an infrared sauna during periods can help regulate the menstrual cycle and reduce PMS (premenstrual syndrome) symptoms such as bloating, mood swings, and fatigue.

However, there are also risks associated with using an infrared sauna during periods. For instance, high temperatures can increase blood flow, which may worsen menstrual bleeding or cause a heavier flow. Similarly, women with conditions such as endometriosis or fibroids may experience pain or discomfort if they use the sauna during their period.

3. Precautions and tips for using infrared sauna during periods

If you decide to use an infrared sauna during your period, it is important to take some precautions to minimize the risks and maximize the benefits. Here are some tips:

  • Stay hydrated: Drink plenty of water before and after using the sauna, as sweating can cause dehydration and reduce the amount of fluid in your body.
  • Keep it short: Limit your sauna session to 10-15 minutes, as staying longer can increase the risk of side effects such as dizziness, nausea, or overheating.
  • Take breaks: If you feel uncomfortable or overheated, step out of the sauna and rest for a few minutes before resuming your session.
  • Use a lower temperature: Reduce the temperature of the sauna to a comfortable level, rather than going for the highest heat setting.
  • Wear loose clothing: Choose comfortable and breathable clothing that allows you to sweat freely, such as a swimsuit or shorts.


Using an infrared sauna during your period can have both benefits and risks. While it can promote sweating and detoxification, it may also exacerbate menstrual bleeding or cause discomfort for some women. Therefore, it is important to listen to your body and follow the precautions and tips outlined above to ensure a safe and enjoyable sauna experience during menstruation.

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