Is It Good To Masterbate On Your Period

Summary: Masturbation is a topic that many people avoid talking about openly, and it becomes even more so when it comes to having your period. But is it good or bad to masturbate during menstruation? In this article, we will explore various aspects of the topic in detail to help you draw your conclusion.

1. The Benefits of Masturbating During Your Period

Masturbating during your periods can be beneficial in multiple ways:

Firstly, masturbating can help relieve menstrual cramps, as it releases endorphins and other mood-boosting hormones that can help reduce discomfort. Furthermore, masturbation causes the uterus to contract and release which can also help soothe the cramps.

Secondly, it can help ease tension and anxiety as it relaxes your body and lowers stress levels. Many people find that masturbating helps them sleep better- something that can be pretty challenging during menstruation.

Lastly, masturbation can help improve sexual pleasure, particularly in individuals with vaginas experiencing heightened sensitivity during their periods. This is because increased blood flow in the genital area during periods can make them more sensitive.

2. The Risks of Masturbating During Your Period

While masturbating during your period has benefits, it also has some potential risks that need to be highlighted:

The likelihood of spreading sexually transmitted infections (STIs) may increase if there is unintended contact with menstrual blood, primarily if someone else is involved while doing it.

In rare cases, masturbating with too much gusto could irritate delicate tissues and lead to minor traumas/injuries.

Additionally, it is essential to ensure proper hygiene practices during menstruation, such as changing pads/tampons frequently, washing hands before and after masturbating, and using sex toys only after cleaning and sterilization to prevent the buildup of bacteria, which can cause unpleasant infections such as bacterial vaginosis.

3. The Influence of Cultural Beliefs and Stigmas

The attitude towards masturbation differs in various cultures and religions. Some religions and communities may view masturbation as immoral or even a sin. This leads to shame and guilt for practicing it, even when individuals are advancing through sexual development and exploration to understand their body better.

Moreover, some individuals may feel embarrassed or hesitant about masturbating during periods due to cultural stigma and taboos surrounding menstruation. However, masturbation and menstruation are natural bodily functions and should not be considered indecent or shameful.

It is essential to acknowledge the emotional effects of cultural beliefs and stigmas on self-representation in sexual activities that can often lead to inhibition and lack of interest from exploring one’s desires during periods confidently.

4. Comfort Level and Personal Preferences

While some people may enjoy masturbating during their periods, others may prefer not to do so. It all depends on personal comfort levels and preferences.

People with physical complications or painful conditions such as endometriosis may not feel inclined to masturbate during their periods due to discomfort or severe pain. Women who find periods uncomfortable or messy may choose not to engage in sexual activity during this time.

Comfort levels and personal preferences can differ for everyone, and people should make choices based on what feels comfortable and safe to them.

5. Importance of Communication in Sexual Relationships

Communication is an essential aspect of any sexual relationship, including understanding your partner’s needs, preferences, boundaries, and comfort levels, making it vital to discuss how periods affect sex and masturbation.

Talking to your partner about menstrual cycles and how it affects sexual desires is crucial – some may feel more sexually empowered during periods, while others may not want to engage in sexual activity due to the discomfort it brings.

Besides, understanding each other’s preferences can help bridge any gaps in sexual intimacy, leading to happier and more fulfilling relationships.


In conclusion, masturbation during periods can have multiple pros and cons that differ for different individuals. The benefits range from relieving menstrual cramps and aiding relaxation to improving sexual pleasure. However, a person should be aware of hygiene levels, especially when involving another person. Comfort level and personal preferences are essential, making communication vital to achieve satisfying and enjoyable sexual experiences.

All in all, masturbating during periods is a personal choice. There is no right or wrong, and people should choose whatever feels safe and comfortable to them without any guilt or judgement.

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