Sexy Underwear For Pregnancy

Summary: When it comes to pregnancy, most women focus on buying larger clothes or comfortable shoes. However, the majority of soon-to-be-moms don’t give too much importance to lingerie until the last few weeks of pregnancy. Sexy underwear for pregnancy is an essential item that offers comfort, support, and style at the same time. From comfortable bras to stretchy briefs, we have got you covered with everything you need to know about sexy underwear for pregnancy.

1. Choosing the right bra

Your breasts undergo many changes during pregnancy, which can lead to discomfort and saggy boobs after childbirth. Wearing the right type of bra can provide the necessary support for your changing breasts while maintaining a sexy look. Choose bras made of soft cotton or silk fabric that will not irritate your sensitive skin. Look for bras with wider straps and back closure for sufficient support and adjustability. Maternity bras are also a popular choice, especially for breastfeeding moms.

Furthermore, wireless bras with supportive cups and adjustable straps are ideal for women with larger and heavier breasts. Sports bras are another great option if you prefer maximum support or are engaging in physical activities. Choose a bra that fits well and doesn’t cause any discomfort, redness, or irritation.

Bralettes are sexier than usual bras and offer adequate support for smaller and medium-sized breasts. They feature wireless cups, lacy details, and adjustable straps. Bralettes are perfect for women who prioritize comfort and style over support.

2. Comfortable briefs

Selecting the perfect underwear is an essential part of preparing your wardrobe for pregnancy. Briefs made of seamless, stretchy, and soft fabric provide the necessary comfort and support for your growing belly. Cotton blends or bamboo fabrics are breathable and help to keep you dry and comfortable throughout the day.

Higher waistbands that sit above your hips can provide extra coverage and support for your growing bump, especially during the second and third trimesters. On the other hand, if you prefer low-waist panties, choose ones with stretchy lace bands that won’t put pressure on your abdomen.

Bikini briefs with side ties or adjustable waistbands offer adjustability and comfort at the same time. They are perfect for women who prefer a sexier look without compromising on comfort. At the same time, thongs might not be comfortable during pregnancy, but they are also an option for women who prefer minimalistic and sexy lingerie.

3. Nightgowns and chemises

During pregnancy, feeling comfortable in your sleepwear is incredibly important. Choose nightgowns or chemises made of soft cotton, silk, or satin material. These materials are soft on your skin and breathable enough to prevent sweating. Nightgowns with empire waists provide enough space for your growing belly while maintaining an elegant and sexy look.

Chemises are shorter in length than nightgowns and come in a variety of styles. They can feature lace details, silk or satin fabrics, and adjustable straps, which allow you to customize how tight they feel around your chest. Chemises are a great option for women who prefer a more sensual sleepwear look.

Nightshirts and pajamas are also an excellent choice for expecting mothers who want maximum coverage and comfort. Opt for loose-fitting, breathable fabrics in neutral colors that you can mix and match.

4. Body suits and shapewear

Bodysuits and shapewear may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of sexy underwear for pregnancy. However, many expecting moms prefer these options for their versatility and support they provide. Body suits are perfect for women who love form-fitting clothing and don’t want extra fabric bunching up beneath their clothes.

Shapewear helps to smooth out bulges and provide support for your bump and back. However, make sure to choose shapewear that doesn’t put pressure on your growing belly or cover your entire midsection. Opt for seamless and stretchy materials that provide comfort, support, and a sexy silhouette.

Maternity shapewear is another option that offers additional support and flexibility as your bump grows. It usually comes with extra padding and adjustable straps to accommodate your changing body shape. Wear it under tighter dresses or skirts for a smooth, sexy look.

5. Importance of material selection

Cotton and bamboo fabrics are popular choices for underwear during pregnancy because they are soft, breathable, and hypoallergenic. They won’t irritate your sensitive skin or cause any infections due to excess moisture or sweat. On the other hand, silk and satin fabrics are perfect for special occasions or a romantic evening with your partner.

Elastane and Lycra are ideal materials for stretchy underwear that can adjust to your growing belly. They also offer support and help to maintain their shape after multiple washes and wears. Avoid synthetic materials like nylon that can cause chafing, irritation, or sweat buildup.

Lastly, make sure that the material won’t fade, shrink, or lose elasticity after washing, as this will affect how long you can wear the product for.


Sexy underwear for pregnancy is an essential item that can provide comfort, support, and style at the same time. Choose bras that offer excellent support and adjustability, such as wireless bras, sports bras, or bralettes. Opt for comfortable briefs made of soft, stretchy fabric that provide enough coverage and support for your growing bump.

Choose sleepwear made of breathable, hypoallergenic, and soft fabric, such as cotton, silk, or bamboo. Bodysuits and shapewear can also provide versatility and support for form-fitting clothing or special events. Lastly, choosing the right material is essential for avoiding irritation, sweat buildup, or infection during pregnancy.

With these aspects in mind, selecting sexy underwear for pregnancy becomes much easier and can help you feel comfortable, confident, and sensual throughout your journey to motherhood.

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