What Does A 30 Week Fetus Look Like

Real 30 Week Fetus Pictures: A Guide for Expectant Parents

Carrying a baby inside is an incredible experience, especially the first few months. But as the pregnancy progresses week by week, the belly grows bigger and the baby inside develops more rapidly. Many moms-to-be are curious about what their baby looks like at different stages of pregnancy, including at 30 weeks. In this article, we’ll explore some real 30-week fetus pictures, as well as provide important information about fetal development at this stage.

1. What Happens at 30 Weeks in Your Pregnancy?

At 30 weeks, your baby is approximately 15.7 inches long and weighs around 2.9 pounds. This marks the beginning of the third trimester, a period when your little one will put on more weight and get stronger every week until delivery. Here are some of the milestones that your baby achieves at 30 weeks:

  • The baby’s brain continues to develop, with many new neural networks being formed.
  • The lungs are nearly fully developed, and your baby is practicing breathing movements in preparation for birth.
  • The baby’s eyesight is now functional, although they can’t distinguish color yet.
  • Your baby’s bones are fully formed, but are still soft and malleable for the ease of birth.
  • Increased fat accumulation under the baby’s skin helps to insulate the body and maintain the temperature.

2. Real 30 Week Fetus Pictures

Thanks to modern technology, we can get a more detailed glimpse of what a 30-week fetus looks like. Whether you’re curious about what your baby looks like or simply want to learn more about fetal development, these pictures can be incredibly enlightening. Below are some amazing real 30-week fetus pictures that might fascinate you:

real 30 week fetus image

In the picture, you can see the baby’s distinct facial features, including the eyes, nose, and mouth. At 30 weeks, the baby’s skin should be smooth and plump.

Another picture shows how active the baby can be by now.

real 30 week fetus image

According to experts, at 30 weeks, babies can sometimes react to sound and may even turn their head towards the noise. This can be seen in some ultrasound images, which show the baby’s face very clearly.

3. What to Expect at a 30-Week Ultrasound

If you’re pregnant, your doctor will likely recommend an ultrasound around 30 weeks to check on your baby’s overall health. During the exam, the tech or doctor will measure the baby’s size, assess blood flow through the umbilical cord and check the amount of amniotic fluid. Some pictures that can be taken during an ultrasound include:

  • A picture of your baby’s face, a top-down view, or a profile view.
  • The baby’s heart, brain, spine, stomach, liver, and kidneys.
  • The technician may also capture 3D images.

In this exam, you can see your baby move, suck his thumb, and even open and close the eyes. It’s a magical feeling when you see the baby moving from inside.


At 30 weeks pregnant, your baby has reached many of its milestones and is on track to developing fully before delivery. Real 30-week fetus pictures can give you a unique visual insight into what’s going on inside of your body during late pregnancy. Remember that every baby develops differently and just because yours may be larger or smaller than others doesn’t necessarily mean anything is wrong.

If this is your first pregnancy, these pictures will provide you with a better idea of what’s going on inside your body during each week of pregnancy. With the technology available today, it’s fascinating to see how far we have come in understanding fetal development. Congratulations, mom-to-be, on reaching another week closer to meeting your little miracle!

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