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Summary: Whatcom County Pregnancy Clinic (WCPC) is a non-profit organization that provides support and resources to women facing unexpected pregnancies in Whatcom County. The clinic offers confidential services with no judgment, encourages informed decisions, and empowers women to take control of their future.

1. Services Offered

WCPC provides a wide range of services, including free pregnancy tests, options counseling, ultrasound referrals, prenatal education, material assistance, and post-abortion support. Pregnancy tests can be taken at the clinic or through a mobile unit that travels throughout the county. Options counseling is available for women who are unsure of their next steps, whether it is parenting, adoption, or abortion. Ultrasound referrals are made to licensed sonographers who can provide accurate dating and other medical information. Prenatal education classes cover topics such as childbirth, nutrition, breastfeeding, and infant care. Material assistance includes baby clothes, diapers, and other necessities, and post-abortion support provides a safe space for women to process their emotions and receive healing.

The clinic also provides education and resources on sexual health, healthy relationships, and abstinence. Educational presentations can be requested for schools, churches, and other organizations. All services are free and confidential, and clients are encouraged to bring someone with them for support if they wish.

WCPC is committed to providing nonjudgmental support and resources to all women, regardless of their beliefs, background, or circumstances. The clinic strives to create a welcoming and respectful environment where women feel heard, validated, and empowered.

2. Volunteer Opportunities

WCPC relies on volunteers to provide its services and programs. Volunteers can serve as client advocates, receptionists, ultrasound assistants, donors, or prayer partners. Training is provided, and volunteers can choose the level of involvement that suits them best. Volunteer advocates meet with clients one-on-one to provide emotional support, supply material assistance, and guide them through the decision-making process. Receptionists greet clients and answer phones, while ultrasound assistants help with appointments and provide comfort during the procedure.

Donors can contribute financially or donate goods such as baby clothes, diapers, and equipment. Prayer partners commit to praying for the clinic, its staff, and its clients regularly. Volunteers play a crucial role in enabling WCPC to serve women in need and make a tangible difference in their lives.

Becoming a volunteer at WCPC is a meaningful and rewarding experience that allows you to give back to your community while making a personal impact. If you are interested in volunteering, visit the clinic’s website or call the office for more information.

3. Community Partnerships

WCPC values its partnerships with other organizations and community groups. The clinic works closely with healthcare providers, social service agencies, churches, and schools to ensure that women receive comprehensive care and support. Partnering organizations refer clients to WCPC for services and resources, and the clinic refers clients to partner organizations for additional support if needed.

WCPC also partners with local businesses and individuals who provide donations or sponsor events. Community events, such as a baby bottle drive, provide an opportunity for individuals and organizations to get involved and support the clinic’s mission. Partnerships with businesses can also provide sponsorship opportunities for events or services.

By working together, WCPC and its partners can maximize their impact and provide women with a network of support and care that extends beyond the clinic walls.

4. Impact on the Community

WCPC has made a significant impact on the Whatcom County community since its founding in 1984. The clinic has served thousands of women and their families, providing them with the resources they need to make informed decisions and care for their children. The clinic’s nonjudgmental approach has helped to reduce stigma and increase access to care for women facing unexpected pregnancies.

WCPC’s services have also had a ripple effect on the community, as women who receive support from the clinic are better equipped to care for themselves and their children. The clinic’s focus on education and prevention helps to promote healthy relationships and sexual health practices, reducing the incidence of unintended pregnancy.

The clinic’s impact extends beyond its clients to the wider community through its partnerships and outreach efforts. WCPC’s presence in Whatcom County has helped to increase awareness of the needs and challenges faced by women in crisis pregnancies and has enabled the community to come together to provide support and care.


Whatcom County Pregnancy Clinic is a vital resource for women facing unexpected pregnancies in Whatcom County. The clinic provides free and confidential services, including pregnancy tests, options counseling, ultrasound referrals, prenatal education, material assistance, and post-abortion support. The clinic relies on volunteers, partnerships, and donations to provide these services and make a positive impact on the community. If you’re interested in learning more about WCPC or getting involved as a volunteer or supporter, visit their website or call the office today.

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